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Angele Decorative Shams Bovi Luxury Bedding

Angele Decorative Shams Bovi Luxury Bedding

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Experience pure opulence with Angele Decorative Shams Bovi Luxury Bedding. Expertly crafted from 100% long-staple cotton sateen, these shams feature exquisite embroidery and a sumptuously soft 300-thread count weave. Indulge in a dreamy paradise every night with the regal elegance of Bovi, available in 4 sizes for a perfect mix and match. Elevate your sleeping experience with the exquisite luxury of Angele's 100% cotton sateen shams, adorned with stunning embroidered designs and a luxuriously comfortable 300-thread count sateen weave. Immerse yourself in pure bliss with this supremely soft bedding, made from the finest long-staple cotton.

Embrace Bovi's artistic excellence with this regal bedding, complete with 4 sizes for a luxurious mix and match. Transform your bed into a haven of indulgence with Angele's Angele Decorative Shams Bovi Luxury Bedding. 

Bovi Angele Bed Shams Throw Pillows Luxury Bedding Features:

100% long-staple cotton – 300 TC sateen white with white or silver embroidery.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • Boudoir: 12x16''
  • Standard: 20x26''
  • King: 20x36''
  • Euro: 26x26''
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