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Boswell Rectangular Chandelier

Boswell Rectangular Chandelier

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The Boswell Rectangular Chandelier fits perfectly into a natural/black style story. The middle part of the frame in the front and back has a complex radio weave made of rattan that contrasts the black metal onto which it is fastened. The complex cage-like feel of the black chandelier is enhanced by the metal bars that extend above the frame on the top and below it on the bottom.

A surprise detail is how the sides of the chandelier are left open. Expertly crafted with a natural and black style in mind, the Boswell Rectangular Chandelier features a complex radio weave made of rattan. This distinctive contrast between the rattan and black metal creates a stunning, cage-like feel. Adding to the intricate design are metal bars extending above and below the frame, which further enhance the chandelier's unique and captivating appearance. A thoughtful detail of this chandelier is the open sides, allowing for a surprising touch of elegance.

Boswell Rectangular Chandelier Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 19.25"h x 36"w x 10.75"d
  • Weight (lbs): 25
  • Materials: Rattan, Metal
  • Finish: Natural, Black.
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