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Coastal Style Gold Ceramic Peony Bowl

Coastal Style Gold Ceramic Peony Bowl

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Add an elegant touch to any room with our Coastal Style Gold Ceramic Peony Bowl. This beautifully crafted catchall bowl is inspired by organic flower petals and features graceful, imperfect edges. Expertly crafted, it brings a touch of natural beauty to any space.

This delicate catchall bowl has graceful Organic edges that are perfectly imperfect, like the flower petals they were inspired by. This delicate catchall bowl brings a touch of elegance to any space. The imperfect yet graceful edges resemble the delicate petals of a flower and add a natural beauty to this piece.

Coastal Style Gold Ceramic Peony Bowl Features:

  • Dimensions (inches): 4H x 12.5W x 13D
  • Main Color and/or Finish: Gold
  • Material(s): Ceramic
  • Interior Style(s): Glam, Posh, Luxe, Sleek, Chic Modern , Modern, Contemporary, Coastal, Nautical, Beachy
  • Superior Long Lasting Quality
  • We do not recommend using harsh or abrasive cleaners at any time as they can damage product
  • Wipe surfaces gently with soft, dry cloth
  • If needed, you may use a lightly damp cloth with water only on base
  • No Assembly Required
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