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Cubist Natural Wood Bookcase

Cubist Natural Wood Bookcase

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Expertly crafted for a modern touch, the Cubist Natural Wood Bookcase effortlessly combines practicality and style. Its suspended shelves create a unique and elegant display for your prized possessions, while providing functional storage solutions. Delicately balanced, this bookcase is a timeless addition to any space.

Delicately balanced to suggest falling shelves frozen in time. This bookcase is designed to not only add a unique touch to your space, but to also offer practical storage solutions with its suspended shelves - giving you a place to showcase your prized possessions in a modern and elegant way.

Cubist Natural Wood Bookcase Features:

  • Dimensions: W 34 x D 16 x H 68
  • Weight (lbs): 99
  • Colors: Natural
  • Finish: Dark Walnut
  • Materials: Walnut and Veneer
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