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Farris Cabinet

Farris Cabinet

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Introducing the Farris Cabinet - the perfect choice for those who love to take risks and push boundaries in their home decor. With its daring softly rounded corners, bold shaped doors, and adventurous squished ball feet, paired with a washed finish, it will add an exciting and enticing element to any room. Ample storage and a touch of elegance make it ideal for hosting parties or impressing guests. Step outside the norm with this striking cabinet that combines daring design and practicality.

Softly rounded corners, shaped doors, squished ball feet, and a washed finish all come together to create a beautifully bold statement. And with ample storage, it's not just stunning, but functional too. Embrace the thrill of soft design with this exceptional cabinet. 

Farris Cabinet Features:

  • Dimensions: 55.75x20.75x34.25
  • Product Color: Brown
  • Materials: Reclaimed Pine.
  • Product Weight: 101lbs.
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