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Parnell Natural Pendant

Parnell Natural Pendant

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The Parnell Natural Pendant was designed by Clarence Mallari to resemble a large bell, but with a delicate sophistication due to the fineness of the abaca rope. The weave is double-wrapped on both the outside and the inside of the wrought iron in a beige finish. A frosted white glass globe is the finishing touch that allows this pendant to create a lovely glow Perfect for the bold and daring home decorator, the Parnell Natural Pendant is a unique and sophisticated addition to any space.

Crafted with delicacy and precision, this pendant resembles a grand bell, while the abaca rope adds an adventurous touch. The beige finish is double-wrapped around the wrought iron, providing a sturdy yet elegant base. Topped off with a frosted white glass globe, this pendant will create a soft and enchanting ambiance in any room. Take on the challenge and elevate your decor with the Parnell Natural Pendant!

Parnell Natural Pendant Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 37.5"h x 27.75"dia
  • Weight (lbs): 22br>Materials: Abaca Rope, Wrought Iron, Glass
  • Finish: Natural, Beige, Frosted White.
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