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We're picky about our products

Sustainably Responsible

Aside from simply switching to metal straws and LED lightbulbs, we choose to give back to the planet by choosing to work with brands that prefer sustainably sourced materials, repurposed wood and iron, and treat the product with environmentally friendly paints and finishes.

Meet Our Founder

A very merry woman, a mom of 3, a wife of a soldier, creative, resilient, and original, Natalya has created Sideboards & Things as an extension to a parent store LOOMLAN. Here, at Sideboards and things, main focus is on durable, impressive long-lasting quality sideboards, buffets, accent cabinets and everything in between.

Natalya sources collections from the finest USA and International factories, and builds relationship bridges with Italy, Spain, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, and Canada.

Born and raised in Ukraine, Natalya brings a charming and gregarious flair of international style mix which allows for a smooth blending of cultures and styles.

Natalya said in her recent interview by a local interior design group: "Home is our sanctuary, we must follow our inner guide to make it incredible"