What is the Best Chandelier to Complement High Ceilings?

Discovering the perfect lighting for a room with high ceilings can be quite a challenge. You need something that commands attention and fills the space effortlessly. Enter chandeliers, timeless fixtures that have been enchanting homes since the 1700s. Back in the 18th century, they evolved into intricate designs using wood and silver, and today's models are a true testament to their enduring charm and practicality.

If your home boasts high ceilings, these elaborate creations are a match made in lighting heaven. They illuminate the area and captivate the gaze, effortlessly enhancing the negative space around them.

Choosing the right chandelier for your high ceilings may seem overwhelming with the abundance of available options. Our list of the best chandelier for high ceiling will guide you and spark ideas for decorating your grand space. So, let's dive in and illuminate your world!

How To Choose A Chandelier For A High Ceiling?

Want the perfect chandelier for your high ceiling? Check out these tips:

  • Height Matters: Match the chandelier's height to your ceiling. A simple trick is to go for 2.5 to 3 inches of chandelier height per foot of ceiling height. So, for a 12-foot ceiling, aim for 30 to 36 inches.
  • Size it Right: Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes. Go for one that's one-half to two-thirds the width of your dining room. This ensures a focal point blends seamlessly with your decor without awkward clashes with other fixtures.
  • Shape Up: For high ceilings, go for elongated, linear chandeliers. They'll make the most of the vertical space and add a touch of elegance to your room.

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14 Best Chandelier For Decorating High Ceiling Rooms

Here is our list of 14 best high-ceiling chandeliers to make your lofty spaces welcoming.

Standing Out Collection

Chandeliers can blend into your room's color palette or steal the spotlight as a striking focal point. Take this delightful room, for example, where the chandelier captures all eyes with its dark tones against the creamy backdrop of the fireplace.

Instead of straight lines, it boasts captivating round shapes, cleverly contrasting the fireplace and back wall. So, when choosing the best chandelier for a high ceiling, remember to ponder its colors and shapes to decide whether it should shine bright or elegantly blend into the background.

1. Bronze Alabaster Metro 6 Light Chandelier

Bronze Alabaster Metro 6 Light Chandelier

The Bronze Alabaster Metro 6 Light Chandelier features spherical faux alabaster shades that delicately soften and diffuse the concealed light bulbs. Paired with oil-rubbed bronze bases and hardware, these sleek pendant lamps exude a mid-century charm infused with urban zest.

Available in three distinct styles, they are ideal for grouping. Each shade boasts carefully handcrafted swirl patterns and veining, replicating the beauty of natural stone using high-quality resin, making every piece unique.

2. Oil Rubbed Bronze Antique Brass Library Chandelier

2. Oil Rubbed Bronze Antique Brass Library Chandelier

The Oil Rubbed Bronze Antique Brass Library Chandelier boasts an organic style inspired by the mid-century modern era. Its shades feature a striking contrast between the gleaming antique brass finish on the interior and the oil-rubbed bronze on the exterior, making it a handsome and appealing black chandelier.

Complementary Design

Beautiful designs are often imprinted on the surface or decorating the inset in some spaces with tall ceilings. In such cases, a highly detailed chandelier can be added to accentuate the area. By selecting a light fixture that complements the existing design, it's possible to enhance the overall style and ambience.

3. Stockholm White Rust Hannah Medium Chandelier

Stockholm White Rust Hannah Medium Chandelier

The Stockholm White Rust Hannah Medium Chandelier boasts a delicate profile adorned with hand-carved accents reminiscent of turned wood, exuding graceful charm with the Stockholm white finish. Adding to its allure, the scalloped wrought-iron frame carries an aged beauty in the rust finish.

4. Rhine Gold Elizabeth Gold Chandelier Lillian August Collection

Rhine Gold Elizabeth Gold Chandelier Lillian August Collection

The Rhine Gold Elizabeth Gold Chandelier Lillian August Collection boasts an airy iron frame with tasteful crystal accents. Teardrops and beaded stands enhance the charm of this six-light chandelier, illuminating its formal chandelier shape in a Rhine gold finish.

Reflective Design

Maximize the impact of their chandelier by incorporating mirrors and other reflective surfaces throughout the room. With these added elements, the beams of light will spread further and in diverse directions, effectively brightening up the tall room and achieving a singular, illuminating effect.

5. Silver Leaf Lunaria Oval Chandelier

Silver Leaf Lunaria Oval Chandelier

The Silver Leaf Lunaria Oval Chandelier captures hearts with its lyrical design. Crafted from wrought iron, the chandelier boasts a modern silver leaf finish. Scattered among the gracefully flowing metal petals, bulbs reflect the silver finish, intensifying the luminance. Available in three captivating shapes - oval, large, and small round.

6. Bronze Galahad Chandelier

Bronze Galahad Chandelier

In a magnificent display, the Bronze Galahad Chandelier showcases its artistry with meticulously hand-attached recycled glass and recast glass discs suspended from a grand wrought iron frame finished in bronze. Its impressive size accommodates twelve lights, while the recycled discs comprising the shade create a breathtaking array of glimmering hues.

Conventional Dining Spaces

In the dining room, one can find a traditional layout with a chandelier hanging high above the table, perfectly aligned with the table's sides. This subtler arrangement makes a statement; the elevated placement influences the room's style and ambience. Hence, traditional light arrangements, sizes, and heights in tall dining rooms still allow for impactful statements.

7. Sasaya Sage Chandelier

Sasaya Sage Chandelier

The creative mind behind the Sasaya Sage Chandelier by Currey & Co aimed to capture the essence of real bamboo in the design. Tom Caldwell, the designer, skillfully achieved this by crafting an asymmetrical green chandelier adorned with a silvery green sage finish. It's an excellent option for biophilic design projects.

8. Maidenhair Cream Semi-Flush Mount

Maidenhair Cream Semi-Flush Mount

Maidenhair Cream Semi-Flush Mount captivates the flow of fan-shaped leaves that exude elegance. The beige semi-flush ceiling light reveals its remarkable depth from below, while the antique pearl finish on the shade emits a radiant glow when lit.

The telescoping leaves cast enchanting patterns on nearby surfaces. This nature-inspired chandelier proves ideal for any biophilic project.

Central Style

In certain rooms with tall ceilings, a smaller space exists below them. Despite this, a chandelier can still work magic by harmonizing the room's size and height, perfectly complementing whatever lies beneath it. The present room is an excellent example of a narrower chandelier ingeniously connecting the ceiling, windows, and table, crafting a unified space that feels just right.

9. Brass Sunnylands Chandelier

Brass Sunnylands Chandelier

The Brass Sunnylands Chandelier embodies this vibrant essence in its very DNA. Fashioned from wrought iron with a fresh brass finish, it boasts a slender, elongated stem and gracefully arcing arms that cradle six opaque white glass globes in a staggered and chic arrangement.

10. Silver Leaf Clear Chrysalis Chandelier

Silver Leaf Clear Chrysalis Chandelier

The Silver Leaf Clear Chrysalis Chandelier bursts from its cocoon in full regalia, gracefully elevating and lowering crystal ball ornaments from its central point. Crafted with wrought iron in a modern silver leaf finish, this exquisite fixture exudes a formal tone and radiates brilliance when illuminated.

Classic Elegance

Classic Elegance ranks among the most timeless fixtures for contemporary homes. Their versatile structures, intricate detailing, and varied finishes suit vintage and modern styles. With their immense popularity and diverse appeal, these lights are offered in various heights and sizes, catering perfectly to rooms with two-story ceilings or other lofty spaces.

11. Etruscan Gold Leaf Elegance Chandelier

Etruscan Gold Leaf Elegance Chandelier

The Etruscan Gold Leaf Elegance Chandelier captures attention with its ornate acanthus leaf and rope motifs adorned with flounces of budlike cords. The matte Etruscan finish subtly complements certain elements, while a radiant gold leaf finish accentuates others, infusing Italianate influences into this golden masterpiece.

12. Washed Gray Waterloo Chandelier

Washed Gray Waterloo Chandelier

The Washed Gray Waterloo Chandelier captivates with its unexpected elegance, boasting thick ribs of bent wood and wrought iron in an antique gray wash. Gracefully dangling from this marvelous fixture are turned wood pendants, adding to its sumptuously curved profile. Delicately carved candle arms atop dainty bobeches complete the charming ensemble.

Rustic Charm

In determining the light style, one must consider its structure, detailing, display of lights, and finishes. For example, these chandeliers embody a distinct modern rustic style through their traditional candelabra design, oil-rubbed bronze finish, and one-of-a-kind faux leather straps and buckles. Consider these four crucial aspects when conveying your desired style to ensure the perfect fit for your room with a tall ceiling.

13. Rustic Bronze Rainforest Bronze Chandelier

The Rustic Bronze Rainforest Bronze Chandelier boasts fourteen lights concealed within its exquisitely hand-forged wrought iron shade. The rustic bronze finish imbues the limbs with a lifelike charm, gently cradling the skillfully placed bulbs. Additional options include the chandelier in gesso white and silver leaf finishes and a smaller bronze variant.

14. Old Iron Treetop Iron Large Chandelier

Old Iron Treetop Iron Large Chandelier

The Old Iron Treetop Iron Large Chandelier emanates rustic charm, resembling a tree trunk with branches gracefully extending. Its intricate ironwork demands the expertise of a skilled blacksmith, resulting in a captivating dark gray finish.


What type of lighting is best for high ceilings?

Hanging lights such as pendants and chandeliers are known to take high-ceiling spaces to the next level, as are certain LED lights and laser projectors.

Can a chandelier be too heavy for the ceiling?

Most chandeliers are heavier than other light fixtures, and chandeliers with crystals can be particularly heavy. If the chandelier you want weighs more than 15 pounds, you'll need to install a special electrical box, just as you would if you were to install a ceiling fan.

Should chandelier lights face up or down?

If you want to light a larger room, upward-facing lights will be more successful at diffusing light, whereas downward-facing lights will suffice if you only want to light a smaller area.


In conclusion, finding the best chandelier for a high ceiling is essential to elevate your space with elegance and grandeur. By considering factors such as size, design, and lighting, you can create a captivating focal point that complements your interior decor while mesmerizing your room.

Remember, the perfect chandelier adds charm and accentuates the height of your ceiling, transforming your living space into a breathtaking masterpiece.

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