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Riviere Pendant

Riviere Pendant

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Take on a daring style journey with the Riviere Pendant by Ian Thornton. Its regal diamond shape and contemporary gold leaf finish make a bold statement. But it's the shimmering composite strips, lit by integrated LED lights, that truly set it apart. Let it be the fearless focal point in any room.

Imagining what he could design that would become the undisputed jewelry in a room, Ian Thornton created the Riviere Pendant. First, he chose a regal diamond shape, and he finished the wrought iron in a contemporary gold leaf. He fitted the metal ribs with composite strips that catch the light from the integrated LED strips to make them glow. Embark on a daring journey of style with the Riviere Pendant. Crafted by Ian Thornton, it boasts a majestic diamond shape and a sleek gold leaf finish. But what truly sets it apart is the shimmering composite strips, illuminated by integrated LED lights. Let your jewelry be the fearless focal point in any room with this pendant.

Riviere Pendant Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 22.5"h x 13"dia
  • Weight (lbs): 14br>Materials: Composite, Wrought Iron
  • Finish: Natural, Contemporary Gold Leaf.
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