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Sunburst Cocktail Table - Green Outdoor Coffee Table

Sunburst Cocktail Table - Green Outdoor Coffee Table

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Expertly crafted with vibrant, nature-inspired glazes, our durable ceramic furnishings add versatility and beauty to any indoor or outdoor space. Made with eco-friendly European techniques, these pieces resist cracking and fading, making them perfect for any setting. Mix and match with coordinating throw pillows for a personalized touch.

Create a personalized, eco-friendly oasis both indoors and outdoors with our expertly crafted ceramic furnishings. Our pieces are built to withstand the elements, as they are designed with European techniques that resist cracking and fading. With coordinating throw pillows, you can mix and match for a unique and versatile look.

Sunburst Cocktail Table - Green Outdoor Coffee Table Features:

  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 17
  • Weight (lbs): 191.5
  • Color: Green
  • Materials: Glazed Ceramic
  • Handmade Glazed Ceramic
  • Enhance your design with our versatile, long-lasting ceramic furnishings. Adaptable to any space, these handmade products remain vibrant and sturdy both indoors and outdoors. Do not use as seating or support.
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