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Amorphous Decorative Table Object - White Resin Small

Amorphous Decorative Table Object - White Resin Small

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Infuse your living space with the elegance of abstract art through the Amorphous Decorative Table Object. Handcrafted from pure white resin, this exceptional piece challenges conventional shapes and provides limitless options for showcasing. Its organic structure and adaptable design offer unrivaled inspiration and depth to any room. Aptly named Amorphous, meaning shapeless or undefined, this resin object has multiple resting positions, making it a versatile addition to any home.

Elevate your home decor with this distinctive and versatile Amorphous Decorative Table Object. Its organic shape and multifaceted design provide infinite display possibilities, adding an artistic touch to any space and making it a standout feature. Impress and spark creativity with this extraordinary and unique resin object that embraces the abstract and defies traditional forms.

Amorphous Decorative Table Object - White Resin Small Features:

  • Dimensions (inches): 10H x 8.25W x 7D
  • Main Color and/or Finish: White
  • Material(s): Polyresin
  • Interior Style(s): Modern , Coastal, Transitional
  • Superior Long Lasting Quality
  • We do not recommend using harsh or abrasive cleaners at any time as they can damage product
  • Wipe surfaces gently with soft, dry cloth
  • If needed, you may use a lightly damp cloth with water only on base
  • No Assembly Required
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