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Andoo Dining Table - Slate Gray Outdoor Dining Table

Andoo Dining Table - Slate Gray Outdoor Dining Table

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Indoors or outdoors, on a city rooftop or in a lush garden, the Perpetual Collection is a fearless constant that adds sophistication to any occasion. The designer's daring use of natural sands and hemp-like grass softens the appearance of concrete, creating a personalized aesthetic for each unique table. Built with biodegradable materials and a low-luster finish, these lightweight concrete pieces are both durable and environmentally friendly.

The collection continues to evolve with the addition of reclaimed teak wood and powder-coated metals, offering fresh designs and innovative material combinations. Choose Perpetual and let your creativity run wild as you mix and match with our ceramic collections, playing with different finishes, colors, and styles. 

Andoo Dining Table - Slate Gray Outdoor Dining Table Features:

  • Dimensions: 38 x 108 x 30
  • Weight (lbs): 401
  • Color: Slate Gray
  • Materials: Lightweight Concrete
  • Handmade Lightweight Concrete 
  • Unique, handmade Perpetual concrete furniture with varying colors and textures. Durable for both indoor and outdoor settings and pairs beautifully with our ceramic collection. Let your imagination guide you and follow care instructions included with purchase. Perfect for any occasion, from a lush garden to a city rooftop.
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