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Ariana Wood Geometric Side Table

Ariana Wood Geometric Side Table

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Add a touch of spirituality to your home with the elegant and symbolic Ariana Wood Geometric Side Table. Its carefully crafted walnut finish not only looks beautiful, but also represents the harmonious balance between heaven and earth. Plus, its convenient surface allows for easy access to your drinks.

The octagon is a deeply symbolic shape, representing the point where heaven (circle) meets earth (square). This walnut accent table embraces the concept, providing both a note of spirituality and a handy place to rest your drink! Complement your home decor with the elegant and meaningful Ariana Wood Geometric Side Table. The carefully crafted walnut finish is not only visually appealing, but also imbued with symbolism - a reminder of the harmony between heaven and earth. And with its convenient surface, you can easily keep your drinks within reach at all times.

Ariana Wood Geometric Side Table Features:

  • Dimensions: W 30 x D 30 x H 28
  • Weight (lbs): 29
  • Colors: Coffee Brown
  • Finish: Ebony Walnut
  • Materials: Walnut and Veneer
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