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Black Iron Element Etagere

Black Iron Element Etagere

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Add sophistication to your environment with our exquisite Black Iron Element Etagere. Its asymmetrical shelves and supports form a visually striking piece that also serves as a room divider. Finished on all sides, this elegant and versatile etagere will make a wonderful focal point in your room or combine two for a larger, mirrored masterpiece. The black metal shelves and supports are arranged asymmetrically, creating a chic open-work design. Use two of these shelves side-by-side to create a larger piece that mirrors itself and provides twice the functionality.

Our Black Iron Element Etagere harmoniously combines art and function with its dynamic iron shelves arranged in an asymmetrical pattern. Use it as a room divider and create a larger, reflective art piece that also serves a practical purpose.

Black Iron Element Etagere Features:

  • Dimensions (inches): 80H x 36W x 16D
  • Main Color and/or Finish: Black
  • Material(s): Iron
  • Interior Style(s): Modern , Industrial
  • Superior Long Lasting Quality
  • We do not recommend using harsh or abrasive cleaners at any time as they can damage product
  • Wipe surfaces gently with soft, dry cloth
  • If needed, you may use a lightly damp cloth with water only on base
  • No Assembly Required
  • Country of Manufacture: India
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