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Daiki Wood Rectangle Coffee Table

Daiki Wood Rectangle Coffee Table

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Elevate your living space with the sleek and sophisticated Daiki Wood Rectangle Coffee Table. Crafted with a clean-lined base and hand-applied dark finish, this unique piece celebrates the natural beauty of walnut wood. With its elegant design and one-of-a-kind grain, it's more than just a functional coffee table, it's an expertly-crafted statement piece.

A simple walnut coffee table this is not. Its base is all edges and angles, and its hand-applied dark finish celebrates the intrinsic beauty of the wood's grain. Boasting clean lines and a sleekly-designed base, this Daiki Wood Rectangle Coffee Table delivers a sense of sophistication that's unmatched by your average coffee table. The hand-applied dark finish is perfectly suited to highlight the unique grain of the walnut wood, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind. Elevate your living space with a coffee table that not only serves a functional purpose, but also makes a statement with its elegant design.

Daiki Wood Rectangular Coffee Table Features:

  • Dimensions: W 64 x D 32 x H 18
  • Weight (lbs): 79
  • Colors: Brown
  • Finish: Dark walnut
  • Materials: Walnut
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