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Henry Round Leather Bar Stool - Matte Brown

Henry Round Leather Bar Stool - Matte Brown

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Enhance the modern and sophisticated atmosphere in your kitchen or home bar with the Henry Round Leather Bar Stool. This exceptional stool boasts top-quality leather and a contemporary tri-legged base with a metallic finish, providing both style and comfort. Upgrade your home's aesthetic now. These one-of-a-kind stools feature a padded round seat in luxurious leather atop a sleek and asymmetrical tri-legged base, creating an unexpected yet elegant contrast. Meticulously designed with a blend of modern and refined elements, these unique bar stools offer unmatched comfort and flair for any kitchen counter or home bar.

The top-quality leather seat delivers both a lavish feel and comfortable seating, while the asymmetrical tri-legged base adds a touch of sophistication and originality to any space. Elevate your home's decor with these stunning statement pieces that are sure to make an impression.

Henry Round Leather Bar Stool - Matte Brown Features:

  • Dimensions: 18.5W x 18.5D x 30H
  • Weight (lbs): 13
  • Colors: Matte Brown, Brass Metal
  • Materials: Leather, Metal
  • Hand-forged Iron frame in Semi-Gloss Brass Finish
  • Matte Brown Buff Grade A Leather
  • Padded Seat
  • Metal Footrest
  • Tri-legged Base Design
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