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Monterey Rustic Solid Pine Wood Dining Bench

Monterey Rustic Solid Pine Wood Dining Bench

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Transform your dining space into a rustic oasis with the Monterey bench. Crafted from solid pine with a matte, driftwood-like finish, this spacious bench comfortably seats three or more. Its solid-panel base design and clean lines add a touch of fluidity and elegance. Pair with the matching dining table and sideboard to complete the charming, earthy look.

With a nod to the natural, bring earthy, on-trend rustic style to your living arrangement with the Monterey kitchen or dining bench. With spacious seating for three or more, this long bench features richly finished pinewood with a matte, driftwood-like finish and solid-panel base design for fluidity. Idyllic, warming contrast with clean lines and a minimalist shape, this bench brings ultimate, simplistic appeal whether you're designing for luxe or lounge. Complete the charm with the rustic Monterey collection, including a matching dining table, sideboard and beyond.

Monterey Kitchen Bench in Solid Pine Features:

  • Country of Origin: India
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 73in x 14in x 18in, Weight: 31lb
  • Materials: Solid Pine Wood
  • Solid pinewood with a matte, driftwood finish
  • Spacious seating for 3 or more
  • Ideal for moving fluidly throughout your home
  • This item makes it easier to accommodate children, babies & wheelchair users
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