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Mykos Square Coffee Table

Mykos Square Coffee Table

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As a contemporary coffee table, the Mykos Square Coffee Table features a smooth white marble tabletop and dimensional crosshatch iron base. The thick natural marble with subtle gray veining adds depth and sophistication, while the matte black finish creates a bold contrast. Perfect for modern living rooms.

Elevate your living room with the Mykos Square Coffee Table, featuring a sleek white marble tabletop and a dimensional crosshatch iron base. The natural marble boasts subtle gray veining, adding a touch of sophistication to this contemporary piece. The open air cubist inspired base, with its slender iron rods and matte black finish, offers a bold contrast to the white marble. Add a modern and elegant touch to your space by placing this minimalist square cocktail table in front of your sofas or sectionals.

Mykos Square Coffee Table Features:

  • Dimensions: 42"W x 42"D x 17"H
  • Iron; White Banswara Marble
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