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Parchment Pendant

Parchment Pendant

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Enhance your living space with our Parchment Pendant, featuring the distinctive texture of papier-mâché. Our clean, timeless designs and versatile color selection make this popular handcraft a modern and stylish addition to any room. Whether used alone or in a group, our pendants provide a unique and enduring touch to your home decor. A traditional craft that has stood the test of time, papier-mâché offers an organic aesthetic that has inspired contemporary artisans. Our pendants keep this art form fresh and modern with classic shapes and a neutral color palette. Use them in a row above a kitchen island or grouped together over a dining table for a unique spin on the conventional.

The unique texture of this art form brings a modern and elegant flair to your space. With versatile colors and timeless designs, these pendants are the perfect way to elevate any area of your home. Group three over a kitchen island or create a display above a dining table to infuse your decor.

Parchment Pendant Features:

  • Dimensions: 16W x 16D x 96H
  • Weight (lbs): 3
  • Colors: Off White
  • Materials: Paper Mache
  • Hand Crafted of Paper Mache
  • Adjustable Height: 36" to 96"
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Professional Installation Recommended
  • Compatible with Dimmer Switch
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