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Perpetual T-Bench – Ivory White Outdoor Bench

Perpetual T-Bench – Ivory White Outdoor Bench

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Explore the Perpetual Collection, a constant presence in your life. Whether indoors or outdoors, in a garden or on a rooftop, these handcrafted, lightweight concrete tables are versatile for any occasion. The designer's daring approach to incorporating natural elements such as sand and grass results in a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Each table is uniquely personalized and embodies the durability and sustainability of the furniture. Made from biodegradable materials with a low luster finish, these pieces are built to withstand any weather.

The collection is constantly evolving with the addition of reclaimed teak wood, powder-coated metals, and fresh designs. Push the boundaries of design and choose from our unique selection for your indoor or outdoor needs. To truly make a statement, mix and match with our ceramic collections, featuring a harmonious blend of high-gloss and matte finishes and a range of bold and muted color palettes.

Perpetual T-Bench – Ivory White Outdoor Bench Features:

  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 63 x 18
  • Weight (lbs): 125.8
  • Color: Ivory White
  • Materials: Lightweight Concrete
  • Our Perpetual Collection concrete furniture is unique in style, perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces and blends well with our ceramic collections. Follow included care instructions.
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