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Relief Carved Rectangle Mirror

Relief Carved Rectangle Mirror

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Upgrade your interior design with our Relief Carved Rectangle Mirror. Inspired by global journeys, it boasts delicate floral carvings and intricate geometric details. Create an eye-catching display with multiple pieces or add a reflective counterpoint to your gallery wall with just one. Elevate your space with this stunning, hand-crafted mirror.

Inspired by world travels, this mirror showcases intricate hand carved flowers and unique geometric patterns. Hang several together for an eye-catching display, or place just one within a gallery wall for a reflective counterpoint. Elevate your interior design with this stunning mirror featuring delicate floral carvings and intricate geometric details. Incorporate multiple pieces for a striking statement, or augment a gallery wall with one for an interesting visual contrast.

Relief Carved Rectangle Mirror Features:

  • Dimensions: 24W x 1D x 36H
  • Weight (lbs): 17
  • Colors: Natural
  • Materials: Wood
  • Hand-carved of Wood in Natural Finish
  • Non beveled glass mirror
  • Versatility of hanging vertical or horizontal
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