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Stoltman Pedestal Dining Table

Stoltman Pedestal Dining Table

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The Stoltman Pedestal Dining Table is a bold and rustic addition to your dining room. Crafted from mango wood with a Sienna finish, it exudes raw beauty and unique design. With its striking presence and comfortable dining area, it's perfect for hosting adventurous dinner parties. Elevate your decor with this stylish and functional piece!

Experience the thrill of the Stoltman Pedestal Dining Table in Natural! This striking piece, crafted from mango Wood and featuring a rustic Sienna finish, brings bold and unique charm to your dining room. Embrace the raw beauty of nature with its natural Wood tones and make it the focal point of your decor. Take a risk and elevate your dining experience with the Stoltman Pedestal Dining Table! It's the perfect addition for adventurous dinner parties, providing a comfortable and stylish dining area.

Stoltman Pedestal Dining Table Features:

  • Dimensions: 84"W x 42"D x 31"H
  • Mango; Sienna Finish
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